What a hell of a ride!

CrossReader is shutting down today.

When we started CrossReader 4 years ago, we wanted to redefine the Internet experience on tablets. We wanted to make browsing better. We were passionate about CrossReader but our passion was not enough, and we feel that we are letting our users and partners down.

We are enormously proud of our amazing team, people we love to work with. Thanks Ziv, Ben K., Shimi, Michael B., Eli, Shmuel, Ziri, Anna, Oriel, Itay, Michael C., Ben S., Rinat, Sagi, Itai, Navot and Alex.

We want to thank all of our amazing users, partners, fans, and the startup community who’ve supported us from the very beginning.

We gave CrossReader our all. We’ll miss it badly.



CrossReader is a content discovery service that enhances the information consumption on tablets and mobile devices.
CrossReader enhances the key feature of the post-PC era products – Internet browsing – engaging the user and improving the whole product satisfaction.



How do you make sure your incredible stories are discovered by the best readers of online content?
CrossReader serve post-PC product users the most interesting stories, related to the page they are reading. CrossReader recommendation engine automatically places the best content a click away from the users.

About Us


CrossReader44 CrossReader team is headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, venture-backed by JVP and Startup Factory.

Management Team
Navot Volk, Co-Founder and CEO
Ziv Karp, Co-Founder and CTO
Alex Rapoport, Co-Founder and VP Product

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CrossReader Ltd.
28 Hevron Road
Jerusalem 93542, Israel





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